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Last week I received a very good news: I was selected to be part of "Misfit Detectives", a project from Audio Drama Feed, created by Thomas Young and Carl Onsae, scheduled to be released next year.

I'm so happy to be part of "Misfit Detectives" with a couple of supporting roles, but with a incredible opportunity to use my voice acting skills, beyond the fact, that is another chance for me to perform in English.

This audio drama is about a group of criminals that are forced to become detectives in order to solve mysteries around them.

Recording at home

The Return of the Actor

My path is full of beautiful experiences in different parts of the performing arts. I was only 5 years old when I start to tell stories with puppets (Thanks to my Dad!), then I entered the wonderful world of theater when I was 8 years old. I kept myself on the stage, till I got to the University, where I started with short films and voice acting in a hometown radio show.

Voice acting was a great personal discovery, such a different way to perform and express my art through my voice. When I was a kid, I was delighted by a collection of KCT's that my mom bought for me and my sister, with a lot of tales by an incredible group of storytellers that was mesmerizing and very amusing for two children in front of a radio.

With the rising of podcasts, the audio drama genre have coming strong and with that, more opportunities are for voice actors, so I'm taking advantage of that and applying for different shows around the globe. "Misfit Detectives" is my first job to make me back for using my voice acting skills.

Recommended audio dramas

Here I let you a couple of links with exciting shows that I enjoyed a lot (in English)

  • Cascadia: a group of underwater explorers are lost in a mission, surrounded by mysteries. Could they come back from the unknown?

  • Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy: This sci-fi 1979 radio classic is now online for the new generations to enjoy.

  • Val Toby Private Investigator: follow the missions of the irreverent Val Toby solving mysteries around town.

  • Otzi the Iceman Must Die: as is explained by their creators, A what-if on the oldest unsolved cold case in human history: the murder of "Otzi The Iceman", found perfectly preserved in ice after 5,300 years... with an arrowhead mysteriously lodged in his shoulder.

  • The Scene Podcast: an interesting proposal by a female led theatre company, where short scripts are send by the audience and are performance by the actors, as an audio play mode.

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