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2019, here I go again

Actualizado: 20 jul 2019

And again, and again and again.

A New Year always begins full of energy and optimism. We start a new cycle with eyes on improving ourselves and then reaching goals that couldn’t be made the year before.

Sometimes we get frustrated after so much effort and then a lack of luck in the past. (Luck is an interesting –and definite - part of the entertainment business.)

However, this career – show business – is about trying once and again to live the dream. It’s about constancy, passion and tireless effort.

After years of projects, castings and awards in international film festivals, 2019 offers a new opportunity to shine, and my web site is part of that effort.

So, 2019 – Here I go again. And again. And all the times needed to get myself to where I want to shine.

Outdoors session by Pablo Quiles

2019 so far: "Tales of a Broken ankle" (short film), "1990" by PVCO (Videoclip) and more to come

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