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Action at the Apocalypse

“Las Reglas del Nuevo Mundo” is translated as “The Rules of the New World”. It is a post-apocalyptic webseries filmed in several locations situated in the valley of Catalonia.

I played the part of a drug dealer named Ahmed

The series’ director, Musta Gomez, along with a passionate and talented crew, have been developing this webseries for three years and are now working on a new season.

Actress Laura Escobar as Raven in the set

My friend Laura Escobar ("Raven" in the New World) invited me to have fun shooting with them as an extra. I’d do a couple of fights and then my job would be done. But after meeting with the director, they gave me a part as the boss of a secret drugs laboratory.

With the drug crew

It was a great experience and built a bond to this webseries. They may have me back to work with them. Now we are waiting for the new season to be posted on their Youtube channel.

Check it out! I think it will intrigue you.

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