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Front of the camera vs back of the camera

Actualizado: 15 feb 2020

People often ask me what I prefer, being in front of or in back of the camera.

My answer is that I just love being around the camera.

Being part of a film crew in a production is like being a chess piece

in a match; every person of the crew has a goal and different moves.

And each person is an important piece needed for finishing the project whether as an Assistant Unit, an unknown face that brings more coffee to whoever needs it, someone who

works in the editing process, or an actor in front of the camera.

On the set of “A Tale of a Broken Ankle” with the actress Enrica Buccheri, I was the director and also an actor in this experimental short film.

What is most important is to keep this goal in your mind: FINISH THE PROJECT.

I learned something very important from the great theater actress Sonia Prieto (R.I.P.), who once told me:

“I have complete trust in the director. If he (or she) tells me – You have to show only your head after 45 minutes of the play. – I will do it, because maybe my role is short, but for sure it is very important to the play.”

I’ve learned to apply those words to every member of my film crew. We are all important if we want to achieve a successful production.

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