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interview at "The Club with Lucas Avram"

Radio Kanal Barcelona has an English Show hosted by Lucas Avram named "The Club" and I was invited recently to talk about my past, present and future film projects.

You can check a recap here:

It was an amazing experience to have the opportunity to talk about my origins, how my family is a direct influence on my work since I was a little kid till nowadays.

Also we talked about the short film "Something is Wrong" that was awarded this year in "Austin After Dark Film Festival" and how it came the idea to make it real.

Live! From Radio Kanal Barcelona

In other hand, we chat a little bit about "Blast After Party!" the scifi project that right now is in the post-production stage.

You can watch the entire interview in this link.

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I'm very thankful with Lucas and his team to gave me this chance "on air"!

What do you think about the interview? Do not hesitate to leave a comment here.

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