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Actualizado: 12 mar 2021

With my fictional roommates: Aniez (left) and Pol

"The Clock" is a #shortfilm written and directed by Abdul Hai Baloch. It is about three roommates spending the day at home, investigating the mystery of a fallen clock in their living room. What are they going to find out? You just have to wait and see!

I got the chance to work next to Aniez Atlas and Pol Cardona in a very interesting on-screen interaction as if we were long time friends sharing a living space.

With this role, my main challenge was working as a "calm" guy, an intelectual and spiritual person closer to "peace and love" than the "villian" character that I'm more used to doing. On the other hand, I got the opportunity to work again in an English spoken project.

What's "Nathan" thinking about?

Creating "Nathan"

I'm not going to risk any spoilers about "The Clock", however, I would love to share how the process was in creating the believer "Nathan" from the inside.

The first time I read the script, I got an image in my mind of an energetic character, the clown of the room and the guy who is keeping the fire in the conversation. However, I had forgotten all that definition once the director told me his vision.

"Nathan" could be defined as a very calm person, a real believer and even naïve... it was far away from the first concept I had in my mind. Why is that? Because I'm more used to playing energetic characters, the clown of the room and the guys who is keeps the fire in the conversation.

One of the "night" scenes

The common mistake

So, I start reading, watching movies, series and trying to feed myself as much as I can about "calm" characters... and after a couple of rehearsals, we got the right intensity for "Nathan" and I think the final result is going to be very interesting.

I wanted to highlight this process, because one of my acting teachers, el señor Juan Carlos González, gave me great advice about character creation, "in the first read, never put any intentions. Just wait till the director tells you what he wants".

Of course, there's nothing written on stone about acting (even in the arts) but it was good advice that I learned now for better character development.

With the director Abdul (with the hat)

The school

#AfilmInternational is a film school with many workshops and Abdul is one of its students. The majority of the crew was a group of film students with one teacher working as a DOP but also giving great tips and lessons to the guys on set.

The entire team was very professional and it was a great experience to keep myself moving in this wonderful art.

Thanks to all the crew!

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