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London Experience

Actualizado: 20 jul 2019

I’ve been living and roaming around London for a month due to a work offer and I must confess how much I love this city and the amazing number of diversions that I find wherever I wander.

It isn’t my first time here. I was in London 10 years ago. At that time, I discovered a magical place called “The Dungeons” where actors and art get together to show visitors the sinister side of London’s history. It’s a real treat!

During that visit I began to perceive the vast number of actors working in this wondrous city.

This time I’ve had the opportunity to check out three big productions: “Agatha Christie’s: Witness for the Prosecution”, “Wicked” and “Henry IV”.

An amazing view of the Greater London City Hall

The first one was set in the amazing Greater London Council, a huge and

intimidating scenario well suited as a court of justice. With its widely acclaimed performances, striking effects and, of course, a solid story, I enjoyed myself as if I were a


The second was a musical -- not really my style. But what an amazing show! Full of color, a mobile scenography and Music! Music! Music! The theme was the story of the Wizard of Oz with an “evil” twist, once again proving the importance of who tells the tale.

Art all around "Wicked"

The third was a play inside the historical “Shakespeare’s Globe”. I had the luck to be watching the play as part of a special activity and enjoyed myself immensely being one

of a supposed 1599 style audience seeing the drama in an open-air amphitheater with extremely talented actors.

What an experience in the Globe!

I’m looking forward to returning to London to live more experiences that deepen my love for my career.

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