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Something is very, very good

This piece of art was made by Marcos Sendra

Words are short to describe how happy I am with the latest award for "Something is Wrong".

The amazing people of Austin After Dark Film Festival just recognized it as the Best Horror Micro Film of the event.

Micro Film? What are you talking about? "SiW" it's a one minute horror story, where you can live a ton of emotions in such short amount of time.

We are part of the image of the Film Festival!

The original idea came from Argentinian writer Mauro Croche and with my friends of C&O the Company, we adapt the story to make it possible.

With the outstanding Michaela Mairinger in the main role with the always amazing Laura Escobar, making this short film was a fun adventure.

The announcement in the website

You can join the event at Doc's Drive-In Theatre 1540 Satterwhite Rd, Buda, Texas 78610 for the screenings on Monday September 14, 2020. Event tickets are now on sale.

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