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I am in "The Unconventional Request of a footballer" by the Red cross

This a heartwarming initiative by the International Committee of the Red Cross has an incredible message, I'll let you here to enjoy:

I'm so proud to be part of this commercial, it was an intense experience with a 12 hours shooting on different sets. My participation is short in the barber shop, but very impactful with half a beard. Also, I was one of the "paparazzi" in the last scene... never the less, the entire experience will always live in my heart.

Director Stephane Barbato gave us an interesting piece to think about society's priorities today. This commercial was shooting on February 2020, yes, just a few weeks before the pandemic explosion!

Thanks to my agency "Ethnic Models" that found this great job for me!

What do you think about this video? Let me know with your comments!

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