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Pilarush films tv

"Something is Wrong" was very active on 2020 and it looks like 2021 it's not going to be the exception.

The #suspense horror #shortfilm was selected to participate in the weekly contest and it received many positive comments during the virtual broadcasting on the instagram profile.

Pilarush Films profile

Also, I received a questionary to answer a few questions about this #oneminutestory production. Here are the #video with the answers with English subtitles:

Blast Edition!

In the other hand, I keep myself busy these days by editing my next project "Blast After Party!"... and, at the moment, everything point in a good direction.

Behind the Scenes of "Blast After Party!"

This production loaded with action, suspense and a little bit of SCI-FI, will be available for Spring 2021, if we keep this pace! Let's hope for that!

Any comments are welcome here!

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