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The Magic of Music Videos

Actualizado: 23 feb 2020

When we talk about movies, the word “magic” is often mentioned. The same can be said for music. So, when the two are put together in the same product, you have something beyond words: a musical video clip.

This special type of video clip has always been part of my life since I began to see and hear the non-stop clips marathon of my beloved MTV.

The opportunity to participate in making musical video clips has been a fantastic experience for me.

At the beginning of 2019, thanks to C&O, a production company founded by me and my brother Daniel Indie, I was able to participate as an actor and dancer in a clip with my Catalan rapper friend PVCO, based on his song “1990”. He exemplifies a new style of rap for a wide-ranging audience.

Later, at the end of the summer, I had the opportunity to collaborate with the singer Marïe, a charming and talented Catalan artist, in recording her single “Love” in the amazing locations of “Platja d’Aro”, just southeast of Girona.

It’s a spectacular part of the Mediterranean “Costa Brava” with amazing beaches and intriguing coves. I was behind the camera as co-director of the videoclip, and WOW! I had the time of my life singing and dancing with Marïe – even though that isn’t seen in the video.

For the last part of the 2019, I was again in front of the camera for the single "Let get Some" by the local band "Capromoscow". This time, it was an interpretation as a girl make all the fans of the band falling in love.

It was so much fun and I met more actors and filmmakers, thanks to the producer Eva Esperanza, who gave me this opportunity.

For 2020, I’m working with a lot of enthusiasm on a plan to be active in more projects. Through this blog I’ll let you know how my plans come along.

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