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Wild Weekend

Zarkon's music video "El Cajón"

It's fun to have crazy schedules filled up with amazing projects. The last weekend was an incredible experience to have the opportunity of back to back shooting in two different towns in Catalonia.

Saturday, September 26th, was full of music, with my participation in Zarkon's next music video, with the part of "Miguel" a guy cursed by depression and bad luck.

Two days shooting in Ripollet

It was an intense show of emotions, I had the challenge to portrait a depressive guy, struggling with his own demons. A great production in the town of Ripollet by the VM -Filmakers team, that I must thank deeply for this opportunity.

The entire crew of the music video

Sunday, September 27th, it was windy and cold somewhere over a Sant Sadurni d'Anoia's wine plantation. That was the outstanding location for Sandra Casas' short film "El Golpe", a double treason - mafia - story with an interesting twist at the end.

Next to Dario Cuenca and Lams Diallo on the set of "Un Golpe"

I got the role as "Cesar" a heartless mafia boss who is decide to do a big hit in the region, but is not what everybody else is thinking about.

It was a big challenge to lead this crime organization, acting like a ruthless person without scrubs. Also, I enjoyed Cesar's many speeches, with the possibility to play and take out the juice to the part.

Acting as "César" next to the director Sandra Casas

Again, I feel blessed and very lucky to be part of this production, full of incredible talent even in front and behind the camera.

Awesome team in front and behind the camera

Let's keep fingers crossed for the next weeks to be as wild as this one. I'll let you know how it's going.

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