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Videobook 2021

Finally after almost two years I updated my actor demo reel! I feel great, I feel anxious to show to the world and I feel happy for how things are going in the right time.

You can take a look of my newest videobook in my home page, or, if you wait a little bit, you can watch it in this post.

What's an actor demo reel?

According to the world-famous website MasterClass is define like this:

An actor demo reel (also known as a “showreel” or “sizzle reel”) is a one- to two-minute-long edited video collection of an actor's best performances. Talent agents, managers, casting directors, and potential employers view demo reels when searching for new acting talent.

That's right! Only one to two minutes to show an example of your work as an actor, so a lot of industry's people have an idea how you perform and they can ask you to enjoy their projects.

Quality is the key

Many Casting Directors collide in the same aspect of the videobook: "Quality!". Think about it, many producers, directors or whoever is going to watch your material do not have a lot of time to enjoy your entire story, they need to see your perform as powerful as fast as it could be and the quality of the video is one of the keys.

For example, maybe you were crying with all your heart in a marvelous scene, but the lack of lighting, the right color treatment or the lack of video quality, do not help to highlight that tear or even worse: they don't know is you because they cannot tell!!!

Quality goes as well with sound: great lines with a strong performance, but it cannot be heard or understand what you say and everything goes to hell.

So, that's why is so important to got the best quality material for your demo reel, or at least, try to concentrate the best at the first seconds, because maybe the producer on duty is going to watch only 30 seconds and will move to the next actor in line.

Me, me, me

Great line by the Agent Smith in "Matrix Reloaded" and actor's videobook are absolutely about them and mainly them. It's nice to share screen with Keanu Reeves, but if your role was only to see him walk, it's not for the reel, maybe for your personal files.

The good guys of made an interesting article about actors demo reels and this was one of the experts talking about it:

A great reel begins with you acting right away. “I want to see your face first and foremost when that demo reel starts or when that scene starts,” casting director Erica Arvold says. “If you’re having a scene opposite, say, Morgan Freeman, and it starts on [his] face and then goes to you, I’m going to think twice about whose demo reel it is. Like literally it needs to be your face first.”

Specially if your are starting in this beautiful business! It's impossible that all the people in the world know you, so keep it real and show your face right away.

Even some veteran actors that people often do not remember their names and "just in case"they must put their face next to their credits so more people could recognize them very easy.

How do I look?

Well, now is the moment to show my demo reel. What do you think about it? Would your hire me for your next project? Let me know at the comments section!

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